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I write fan fiction for all types of fandoms. My most favorited pairings at the moment are Eren and Mikasa ((Attack on Titan)) Makoto and Aigis ((Persona 3)) Shintaro and Ayano, and Hibiya and Momo ((Kagerou Days)) :-)) Hi, I'm Carmen, I'm 14 1/2 and I love coffee x,D

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Persona, What Really Happened: Chapter Four



A major setback.”

"Um Aigis, I think you can let go of him now." Said Akihiko with a nervous laugh. I appreciated his petty attempt to pry this metallic strait jacket off me but I knew it wasn’t going to work.

Trust me I tried it myself.

"How did things end up like this?" I thought to myself as I stared at the ceiling like it held the answers to all of my questions,

Which it didn’t.

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Persona, What Really Happened: Chapter Three


Same day, Evening.

His friends, And Inseparable Bonds.’

As soon as I walked through the front doors of the Iwatodai dorm I felt the wind being knocked out of me. I looked down when I caught my breath and was surprised to see arms wrapped around my waist. I recognized the brown locks of hair.


Ken-Kun was worried about me…?

"Aigis! Thank goodness you’re okay!" I heard Fuuka cry out in relief as she ran up to me as well.

What…? Fuuka too…?

I looked past her and saw that everyone else was sitting in the living room. They as well, looked quite relieved at the sight of my return.

The only one that was missing was Yukari.

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Persona, What Really Happened: Chapter Two


His Memorial Service, And Her Memories.

It had become Saturday morning, exactly one day since…


Not a minute after we entered the school premises, every student was ordered to gather into the auditorium to hear a speech prepared by the Principal. Some students were confused by this sudden action, others looked dejected and some just looked like they haven’t slept at all. The majority of the restless students were the SEES members. Of course with the exception of Ken, Koromaru, and Yukari’s absence. It wasn’t a surprise since we’ve been through this sort of thing before with Shinjiro-San.

We all knew whom he was going to talk about.

We just never thought it would be Makoto.

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Persona, What Really Happened: Chapter One


Graduation Day, The Promise.

We were on the rooftop of the school, Makoto and I. We knew we should’ve been downstairs in the auditorium to see Akihiko-san and Mitsuru-san graduate but what would be the point? No one remembers that we were all friends or what we did together. The only two that remember are Makoto and I.

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